Saturday, November 6, 2010

For the Love of Mancala

 Dixie cups & raisins? No, Jason, fat kids eat the playing pieces if they're raisins. Even the ones who don't like raisins. It's mancala. You move pebbles into little cups to try and collect the most pebbles.

Anyone who has spent any time with me knows I'm competitive. And obsessive. Thanks to my favorite happy boys, Justin and Jason, I am now obsessed with this game.

Problem is, it's a 2-player game. 

A home-made velcro latch!

 Short a player?? That won't stop this kid's adventure!! 

I have, to my knowledge, invented Mancala Solitaire. I play hard. I play smart. Then I spin the board around. 

The trick to not setting yourself up for traps is to play hard and play smart EVERY turn. Most games are pretty close. Then I realize I'm just one step away from becoming the hermitted asian girl with the marble game.

So, I play with Bella. ADVENTURE!!

"What's my next move...?"

"Your turn mom."

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  1. Hey tiff! Great blog be the next julie and julia!! ..except asian!..and be played by jamie chung! Haha