Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tiff 1, Pig 0

So delicious, I had to share...home-made (not my home, but nevertheless) smoked & braised trotters. My parents have these friends...who do a lot of random things. 

For instance, they found a goat, who got knocked up by another goat, then had a baby goat. Six inbred goats later, neighbors called the county, who gave them one-month to be "goat free" - there were a few roast goat dinner parties in the following weeks. They're those people.

Last week, they brought a bag with 2 whole pig's feet. I'd say from about hoof to shin, and said they figured out a different "red cooked" (basically an amazingly aromatic braise) recipe for pig's feet. They smoked the whole trotters, which from their description came from several pigs...then braised them.

I wasn't sure what to think when my mom presented the whole foot on a plate to me, so I did what I do when I'm just not sure what to do: I ate it. ADVENTURE!

a challenge? I ACCEPT!

the aftermath

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